Who We Are

When you work with Allegiance, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve partnered with a top-notch team of professionals. Our Character, Strength and Integrity provide consumers with the trust needed to gain loyalty. Since its inception, Allegiance has followed in the footsteps of industry leading companies Dimension Service Corporation and National Adinistrative Service Co. in pioneering real-time, efficient and profitable vehicle servie contracts with franchise, multi-line and independent new and used car dealerships. Our CEO, Haytham ElZayn, has assembled a seasoned staff of industry executives and underwriting staff who thoroughly understand the vehicle service contract business. The result? An industry leader, with integrity, flexibility and an incredible commitment to our customers’ long-term success.

The Allegiance staff values our customer partners. Because of this, our attention to you is always aligned with our core values. These core values include:

Strong Work Ethic
Common Sense
Commitment to Quality

We recognize there are other administrators in this business that functionally do what we do. It’s our Core Values and Business Practices that differentiates and sets Allegiance above this competition. Allegiance’s practice is to:

Treat every customer with respect, patience and understanding
Pay every valid claim
Non-covered claims are not paid from the insurers' funds
Ensure claims will be paid over the life of the contract

Allegiance Administrators’ advanced telecommunications and claims processing systems enables real-time contract and claims processing. Our software is custom designed for the service contract industry's complex processing challenges, and allows for fully-automated handling of all customer service and claims transactions. New service contract sales can be underwritten at the dealership level using our web-based reporting systems, resulting in more accurate and real-time sales reporting. Contract sales and claims history can be viewed in detail by the dealer and agent, eliminating additional phone calls, saving valuable time. To assist the consumer that may require mechanical repairs or maintenance while on the road, we provide "recommended" facilities to suggest to the consumer (when you sign as a selling dealer you are automatically put in the referral database for these travelers). Meanwhile, Allegiance's superior claims processing also eliminates service department receivables on service contract claims, since all claims are paid by credit card and on the same day, whenever possible.

At Allegiance, we have one of the highest adjuster-to-claims ratios in the industry. We want to ensure the phone is answered promptly when your service department calls. Our Web-based reporting system enables fast sales at the dealership level, and quick payment on service contract claims. After a claim enters our Service Center, it is resolved swiftly. 99% of inspections take place within 24 hours.